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Our Hamilton-based haven is an inviting, relaxed and intimate setting for bespoke and engagement appointments.

Sit back, enjoy a beverage and take your time exploring your options with our friendly in-house team.

The Annex is neighbour to our jewellery studio and head office, so your appointment will take place at the heart of our business.

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The Annex is home to a collection of carefully curated vintage jewellery, hand-picked and restored to former glory by our in-house team.

We source our vintage from Ethos, saving these one-of-a-kind pieces from from being melted down for their materials.

Our vintage offers exceptional value for money; you’ll be receiving new-for-you pieces at a second hand price. The majority of our Annex vintage comes with a valuation certificate.

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A bespoke Annex appointment offers the opportunity to create something truly unique to you. Collaborate with our in-house team to design a ring like no other.

We offer you access to a wide variety of ring materials from Ethos including including recycled Australian metals and new, reclaimed and
lab-grown diamonds.